RStudio IDE


RStudio runs on all major platforms, and can even be run on a server and accessed over the web:

Mac OS X

Over the Web

RStudio integrates all of the tools you use while working with R into a single environment:

Source, Console, Workspace, and Plots
Tabbed Source Editor

Customized for Coding
Custom Theme and Layout

RStudio includes a variety of powerful coding tools designed to enhance your productivity:

Searchable History
Code Completion

Execute From Source
Code Transformations

RStudio enables rapid navigation to files and functions:

Go to File/Function
Go to Function Definition

RStudio projects make it easy to manage multiple work contexts:

Creating a New Project
Switching Projects

RStudio has integrated support for Git and Subversion:

Checkout a Project
Managing Changelists
Reviewing Changes
Commit History

RStudio supports authoring TeX and Sweave documents:

Syntax Highlighting Editor
One-Click PDF

RStudio supports interactive graphics using the manipulate package:

Manipulate Plot Appearance
Manipulate to Fit a Model