RStudio IDE

RStudio Server

RStudio Server enables you to provide a browser based interface to a version of R running on a remote Linux server, bringing the power and productivity of the RStudio IDE to server-based deployments of R.

Product editions

Open Source Professional Edition
  • Access RStudio using a web browser
  • Move computation closer to the data
  • Scale compute and RAM centrally
All of the features of open source; plus:
  • Administrative Tools
  • Enhanced Security and Authentication
  • Metrics and Monitoring
  • Advanced Resource Management
Documentation Getting Started with RStudio Server RStudio Server Professional Admin Guide
Support Community forums only
  • Priority Email Support
  • 8 hour response during business hours (ET)
License AGPL v3 Commercial license
Pricing Free $9,995/server/year

Academic and Small Business discounts available
Download Open Source Download Free Pro Evaluation

RStudio Server Pro features

Administrative Tools

Web based administrative dashboard:

  • Currently active sessions and resource utilization
  • Suspend or forcibly terminate individual sessions
  • View and search server logs

Tools for assisting end-users:

  • View per user statistics and logs
  • Assume control of a running R session
  • Initiate an impersonated session on behalf of a user

Enhanced Security and Authentication

Authenticate users with a wide variety of techniques:

  • LDAP or ActiveDirectory using Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
  • Google Accounts (either Gmail or Google Apps)
  • Custom authentiation scheme via a proxied HTTP header

Enhanced access control and encryption:

  • Encrypt traffic to the server using SSL
  • Restictions based on client IP addresses

Metrics and Monitoring

Collect and view server metrics:

  • Historical statistics on server performance and resource utilization
  • Auditing of activity and historical resource consumption for individual users

Integrate with external monitoring systems:

  • Send metrics to external systems using the Graphite/Carbon plaintext protocol
  • Server health check with configurable output format (custom XML, JSON, etc.)

Advanced Resource Management

Establish fine-grained resource limits:

  • Global and per-user/group limits on memory usage, file handles, and processes
  • Provide subsets of users with priority access to CPU resources using nice.

Interoperate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure:

  • Full support for the PAM Session API (provision accounts and mount home directories dynamically)
  • Automatic execution of global and per-user profile scripts (often required for database and cluster connectivity)