RStudio v0.99.451 – July 1st, 2015

Data Viewer

  • Support for viewing large data sets (removed 1k row limit)
  • Data can be filtered, searched, and sorted
  • Viewer updates to reflect changes in data

R Code Completion

  • Completions provided automatically without an explicit gesture
  • All objects visible from the current scope are now included in completions
  • Completions in more contexts including S3 and S4 methods and dplyr pipelines
  • Automatic insertion of closing parens when appropriate
  • Inline help tooltip for signatures of completed functions
  • Completion for statements spanning multiple lines
  • Specialized autocompletions provided for library, data, vignette, ?
  • For Shiny applications, autocompletions for ui.R + server.R pairs
  • Completions for dimension names in [, [[ calls
  • Completions from packages in library, require calls automatically inferred and supplied even when not loaded
  • Completions for knitr options, e.g. in opts_chunk$get(), are now supplied
  • Completions for dynamic symbols within .C, .Call, .Fortran, .External
  • Completions for object names for ‘formula’ arguments, e.g. lm(|, data = mtcars)

R Code Diagnostics

  • Syntax errors are highlighted and displayed in red (e.g. missing commas, unmatched brackets)
  • Function calls are checked and validated with e.g.
  • Warn if variable is used but no definition is available in scope
  • Warn if variable is defined but never subsequently used
  • Whitespace diagnostics to help code conform to

Source Editor

  • Improvements in file/function navigation:
    • Fuzzy matching on search terms
    • Navigate to file posititions using file:line:col
    • Include parameters in function navigation menu
  • Multiple cursors:
  • Create a new cursor above / below the current cursor with CTRL + ALT + {up / down}
  • Move the active cursor up / down with CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + {up / down}
  • Create multiple cursors by pressing CTRL + ALT and clicking + dragging the mouse
  • Improved Vim mode:
    • Various bug fixes
    • Visual block selection (CTRL + v)
    • Multiple-cursor aware
    • Macros (q)
    • Marks (m)
    • Quick find (/)
    • Support a subset of commands in :
    • Use :help for documentation on available commands
  • Configurable snippets for fast insertion of common blocks of code
  • Editor tabs in the source pane can now be rearranged
  • Automatically save files prior to sourcing (controlled by option)
  • Support for multiple cursors via Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down
  • Alt+Enter to run code while retaining cursor position
  • Ctrl+Shift+E to select within matching parens / braces
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E to expand selection to matching paren / brace
  • Comment/uncomment respects indent level when appropriate
  • New Reformat Code command for R scripts
  • Shift+Enter now searches backwards in Find/Replace
  • Find All option added in Find/Replace
  • Ctrl+E now focuses the editor after finding from selection
  • New option to control comment continuation on insertion of new lines
  • Reflow text (comment) for markdown and plain text modes
  • Updated to Ace (source editor component) v1.1.8
  • Syntax highlighting for GraphViz and mermaid.js diagrams.
  • Diagram previews using the DiagrammeR package (requires recent version from GitHub).
  • Syntax highlighting modes for many new languages including Clojure, CoffeeScript, C#, Graphviz, Go, Groovy, Haskell, Java, Julia, Lisp, Lua, Matlab, Perl, Ruby, Rust, Scala, and Stan.
  • Keyword and text based code completion for many languages including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, and SQL.
  • A wide variety of new editor themes (color schemes) are now available.
  • Increase file size limit to 5MB (was previously 2MB)

C/C++ Development

  • Code completion
  • Code diagnostics
  • F2 code navigation (go to definition)
  • Go to file/function for C/C++
  • Find usages for C++ symbols
  • Intelligent auto-indentation
  • Scope tree for quick intra-file navigation

Web Development (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)

  • Code completion
  • Inline diagnostics (JSHint) on syntax and other issues


  • Improved handling of objects containing or consisting of NULL externalptr


  • Allow ‘debugSource’ to be executed in user-specified environment
  • Improved heuristics for locating the stack frame where errors originated
  • Autocompletions now available when debugging
  • Improved debug stepping through statements wrapped in tryCatch()
  • Better call frame selection when using recover()
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Step Into (Shift+F4) and Step Out (Shift+F6)


  • Improvements to New Package:
    • Generate cleaner packages with no warnings
    • Respect various devtools options
  • Support for roxygen2 ‘vignette’ roclet
  • Insert Roxygen Skeleton command (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R)
  • Default to roxygenize for Build and Reload
  • Improved checking for supported protocol with packrat package
  • Escape backslashes in library names when loading packages
  • Call to library after Build and Reload respects –library argument
  • Validate that required versions are available for prompted installs
  • Set R_BROWSER=false and R_PDFVIEWER=false (as CRAN does) for R CMD check


  • Render plots using devicePixelRatio for retina and HDPI screens
  • Preserve last exported size in Save Plot as PDF dialog
  • now creates a new desktop graphics device (e.g. quartz) if the RStudio device is already active.

R Markdown

  • Updated to pandoc 1.13.1
  • Support for parameterized R Markdown reports
  • Ensure that .RData from Rmd directory isn’t loaded during Knit
  • Improved handling of lists in editor
  • Syntax highlighting for comments in markdown documents
  • Make publishing UI easier to discover
  • Require save before previewing Rmd file
  • Handle encoding correctly for Run All Chunks on Windows
  • Support for deploying single interactive documents (not just directories)
  • Updated internal PDF viewer (PDF.js) to version 1.0.1040


  • Updated rendering engine to Qt 5.4 for improved performance
  • Windows: updated to MSYS SSH 1000.18
  • Windows: check HKCU in addition to HKLM when scanning for R versions
  • Windows: Use Rtools 3.3 when running under R 3.2
  • Use system.file() rather than .packages() to query for package availability.
  • Bind Cmd+Shift+K shortcut to Compile PDF and Preview HTML
  • When evaluating R strings ensure ‘try’ is called from base package
  • Default to current working directory for New Project from existing directory
  • Add Clear Recent Projects menu item to toolbar project menu
  • Command to sync current working directory and Files pane to project directory
  • Eliminated rstudio and manipulate packages (both now available on CRAN)
  • Respect existing values for RSTUDIO_PANDOC and RMARKDOWN_MATHJAX_PATH environment variables. 
  • Added global RStudio.Version function for getting basic version info
  • Diagram previews using the DiagrammeR package (requires recent version from GitHub).
  • Added Markers pane and sourceMarker API for externals tools (e.g. linters)
  • Enable specification of Sweave driver in Rnw magic comment
  • Re-map prev/next tab shortcuts to eliminate conflicts with window managers
  • Run App command for single file Shiny applications
  • Deprecated ‘source.with.encoding’ in favor of source(…, encoding = “…”)
  • Make source code compatible with -std=c++11
  • Allow specifying character encoding, row name source, and comment character when importing data
  • Jump to the definition of a function by clicking it in the environment pane
  • Increase shinyapps upload limit to 1GB (was previously 100MB).


  • Use systemd to manage server processes on platforms where it is the default
  • Add server-set-umask option to control whether the server sets its umask to 022 at startup
  • Improved installation by reducing dependencies and providing additional platform-specific builds (e.g. SUSE, RHEL5 vs. RHEL6/7)
  • Server Pro: Support for SPDY protocol
  • Server Pro: Custom header name for proxied authentication
  • Server Pro: Option to eliminate “stay signed in” option for PAM authentication.
  • Server Pro: Update to Nginx 1.8.0

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent error dialog when getOption(“repos”) is an unnamed vector
  • Fix for regex Find/Replace lockup with empty strings
  • Fix for console text unselectable in Firefox
  • Find in Files now always activates result pane
  • Correctly reflow comments in Rmd C++ code chunks
  • Don’t warn when saving C/C++ file with .hpp extension on OS X
  • Ensure that rmarkdown documents render within input directory
  • Eliminate race condition that could cause crash when polling child processes
  • Correct handling for breakpoints in files with non-ascii filenames on Windows
  • Next/previous word behavior in Rmd is now consistent with behavior in R scripts
  • Don’t parse YAML front matter if not preceded by whitespace
  • Eliminate some UI problems on Windows HDPI systems
  • Prevent null reference exception in packages pane with active filter + packrat
  • Allow JSON as text file type in the editor
  • Only hide object files (e.g. *.o) in Files pane when in package src directory
  • Ensure cursor is always visible after source navigation
  • Server: Ensure that LANG is populated from system default when not inherited
  • Server: Provide required domain socket permissions during startup
  • IE 11: Strip unprintable unicode characters in Rmd front matter dates
  • Only filter object file listings in ‘src’ directory
  • Fix crash in R tokenizer when source files have binary 0xFFF
  • Correctly navigate to package inst/include directory for template errors
  • Fix visual debugging issues when code isn’t saved in system encoding
  • Fix compilation errors that occurred as a result of GCC concept checks
  • Persist last size setting in Save Plot as PDF dialog
  • R 3.2: Specify .Platform$pkgType when installing binary package archives

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