RStudio v0.98.1103 – November 6th, 2014

R Markdown

  • Next generation of R Markdown based on pandoc
    • Create HTML, PDF, and MS Word documents as well as Beamer and ioslides presentations
    • New markdown syntax including expanded support for tables, definition lists, and bibliographies
    • A responsive (multi-device friendly) and themeable HTML template based on Bootstrap
    • Include raw LaTeX within markdown for advanced customization of PDF output
    • Use Shiny with R Markdown to create interactive documents
    • Compile HTML, PDF, or MS Word notebooks from R scripts
    • See the rmarkdown website package for more details
  • Option to preview R Markdown HTML in Viewer Pane
  • Enhancements to HTML previewing for presentation authoring
  • Previewing for MS Word and PDF output
  • Added Run Previous Chunks command (Ctrl+Alt+P)
  • Keyboard shortcut for Knit is now Ctrl+Shift+K

Debugging Tools

  • Support for R 3.1 advanced stepping commands (step into and finish loop)
  • Allow viewing and stepping through functions that don’t have source-refs (via deparse)
  • Improved support for debugging outside of functions including stepping inside loops


  • Integrated support for packrat
  • New devtools mode for package development (uses devtools for check, document, test, etc.)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Test (Ctrl+Shift+T) and Document (Ctrl+Shift+D)
  • Package listing is now grouped by library
  • Pick default save location for files based on type (e.g. R, src, man, etc.)
  • Don’t write HTML output when previewing package Rmd or md documentation

Shiny Development

  • Run and debug Shiny applications directly within the IDE
  • Launch applications and reload changes on the fly using Run/Reload command (Ctrl+Enter)
  • Automatically close Shiny application windows on interrupt/exit
  • Integrated support for publishing applications to

Source Editor

  • Keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+M) for magrittr pipe operator (%>%)
  • Find from selection keyboard shortcut (Mac: Cmd+E, Windows/Linux: Ctrl+F3)
  • Execute Current Section command (Mac: Cmd+Option+T, Windows/Linux: Ctrl+Alt+T)
  • Syntax highlighting modes for XML, YAML, SQL, Python, and shell scripts.
  • Command to execute Python and shell scripts (Ctrl+Shift+Enter)
  • New Extract Variable code refactoring (thanks to Dirk Schumacher)
  • Miscellaneous improvements to R and C++ syntax highlighting (thanks to Kevin Ushley)
  • Execute R code from the Source Viewer using Ctrl+Enter
  • Option to automatically strip whitespace at the end of lines
  • Option to ensure that R source files always end with newline
  • Always use tabs for indentation in Makefile and Makevars
  • Enable save command immediately for new documents

RStudio Server

  • Support for Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Improved satellite window reactivation (e.g. version control, preview, etc.)
  • Improved location and refresh header re-writing for localhost proxy
  • r-cran-repos option now works consistently and overrides user CRAN option
  • Fix completion window dismissal issue in Ubuntu Chrome
  • Compatibility with RHEL/CentOS 7
  • Pro: Load balancing for increased capacity and high availability
  • Pro: Allocate cores and set scheduler priority and resource limits per user or group
  • Pro: Run a different version of R per user or group
  • Pro: Optionally forward credentials to PAM sessions (e.g. for issuing Kerberos tickets)
  • Pro: New config options to disable access to various features
  • Pro: Migrate Google Accounts support to OAuth 2.0 interface
  • Pro: Login as user link now works correctly when running behind proxies
  • Pro: Updated embedded nginx to 1.6.2
  • Pro: Prevent use of SSLv3 protocol
  • Pro: Compatibility with SLES 11 (SP1, SP2, and SP3)


  • Viewer: History, Zoom, and Export commands for static HTML widgets
  • Publish to RPubs from Plots and Viewer panes
  • Keyboard shortcut quick reference (Mac: Option+Shift+K, Windows/Linux: Alt+Shift+K)
  • Mac: Overlay project name on RStudio Dock icon when multiple projects are open
  • Mac: Added New Window command to RStudio Dock icon
  • Mac: Show help PDFs in Preview rather than in an internal window
  • Mac: Correct handling of file downloads from help pane
  • Mac: Direct /usr/bin/gnutar to /usr/bin/tar if necessary on Mavericks
  • Mac: Updated code signing method for OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Mac: Remove duplicated PATH entries on OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Mac: Eliminate checkbox animation in dialog boxes on OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Windows: Automatically adapt typefaces for for high-dpi displays
  • Linux: Improved Ubuntu font rendering (spacing for monospace, font face for proportional)
  • Linux: Don’t link to R BLAS and LAPACK on RedHat/Fedora (R 3.1 compatibility)
  • Git/SVN menu on global toolbar with commands for active file and project
  • Added history, zoom, and export for static HTML widgets in Viewer pane
  • View/Blame on GitHub commands for GitHub projects (file or selection driven)
  • Display current Git branch in main window title
  • Added stringsAsFactors and options to Import Dataset
  • Restore previously entered input to console after executing commands
  • Increase limit on active plots from 30 to 100
  • Added documentation on which version rstudio package functions were introduced
  • Updated GWT library to version 2.6.0
  • Updated pdf.js for improved performance and fidelity of PDF preview
  • R 3.2: Use new API for accessing tools::httpdPort
  • R 3.2: Support for Rtools 3.2

Bug Fixes

  • Disable spell checking and auto-correction in text entry fields
  • Fix debugger line highlighting for functions invoked with :: at the console
  • Fix for package breakpoints set after library() sometimes missing srcrefs
  • Fix cursor positioning on OS X when CJK characters are present
  • Handle Windows junctions (soft links) in the Files Pane
  • Correctly scale satellite windows in Windows high DPI mode
  • Prevent slowdown in scrolling and editing for large Rmd and Sweave files
  • Preserve working directory when restarting R while not in a project
  • Fix for intermittent R Pubs upload failures
  • Environment: prevent view of large data frames from collapsing on update
  • Packages: Don’t check dependency status when repos = NULL
  • Packages: Respect repository option already set from .Rprofile
  • Packages: Don’t use –with-keep.source for R < 2.14
  • Plots: fix issues with copy plot to clipboard on OS X
  • Plots: prevent spurious warnings when rendering plots from already closed device
  • Help: handle internal redirects from R help correctly on Windows & Linux
  • Server: Fix issue which caused extra bytes at end of some file uploads
  • Server: Prevent freeze when concurrently reading both ends of proxied websocket
  • Server: Enable loading of IDE within an iframe in Firefox
  • Server: Don’t remove /usr/[s]bin soft links during upgrades
  • Server: Fix python egg cache issue with metrics script
  • Server: Ensure helper processes run as server user and terminate with parent
  • Server: Fix completion window dismissal issue in Ubuntu Chrome
  • Mac: Correctly detect OS X command line tools on OS X Yosemite
  • Mac: Prevent extra line from being copied in Safari 8
  • Prevent loading of videos in HTML Preview (caused crashes in some configurations)
  • Respect ‘whole word’ option in source editor replace operations
  • Eliminate compiler errors when building on Ubuntu 14.04
  • Correctly recognize application/xml as a text file type in the source editor
  • Prevent crash which occurred after opening a QtWebKit web inspector
  • Prevent error messages during session termination
  • Fix for Windows crash when ESC key pressed at startup
  • Fix for installing packages when repos option is an unnamed vector

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