rstudio::conf 2019 E-Posters

Hannah Fresques
Investigative ReporteRs

Liz Romero
Building a highly flexible enterprise-wide reporting system using R Shiny

Ben Stenhaug
Developing evidence-based ways of teaching R

Gabriela de Queiroz
A tour inside the R-Ladies organization

Earo Wang
Tidyverts: Tidy your time series analysis with tsibble and fable

Hiroaki Yutani
gghighlight: Highlight ggplot2 with Predicates

Nicholas Tierney
A missing data carol: the ghosts of missing data past, present, and future

Nick Strayer
Using Shiny and D3 to explore EHR and biobank data as a network. Application and lessons in developing robust, modular, and scalable shiny apps.

Harlan D Harris
Shiny Apps for Testing Production Data Products

Connor Concannon
Shiny Phones: Analyzing Call Detail Records in Prosecution

Jeremy Wildfire
Modernizing the Clinical Trial Analysis Pipeline with R and JavaScript

Len Kiefer
R for economic and housing market analysis

Carl Vogel
Using R and RStudio for reproducible analysis at Warby Parker

Sarah Eltinge
They bought WHAT with their baby shampoo? Using R and network analysis to understand consumer purchasing behavior on Amazon

Ben Goodrich
Stan + RStudio = IDE for Bayesian Analysis

Colin Fay
Building big Shiny Apps as a team: a workflow

Ted Laderas
LearnR and Shiny as Tools for Democratizing Data Science

Alex K Gold
Upgrading to R: Tips, Tricks, Strategies, and Avoidable Mistakes

Matthew Kay
tidybayes: Bayesian analysis + tidy data + geoms for uncertainty visualization

Kyle Walker
Spatial Demography and the Tidyverse

Kamil Slowikowski
ggrepel: using a physical simulation to position non-overlapping text labels in ggplot2