RStudio Inc becomes RStudio PBC, expands data science product focus with Python support

FEBRUARY 4 2020 | By Krishna Roy

From the report:

  • "RStudio Connect’s ability to host Python content, including Python Notebooks, is another fruit of the firm’s strategy to support Python-based data science. RStudio Connect is the company’s publishing environment. It used to be for publishing all work a company’s data team carried out in R, but now the offering will support data science and analytics performed in Python, too."
  • "RStudio’s move to embrace Python as well as R is gradual and ongoing. The company is keen to get away from the idea that it is merely serving R devotees and is an R advocate by infusing Python support into core offerings within its data science platform. RStudio is also getting involved with the Python open source community, as well as the R one."
  • "The company has changed its corporate status from a C corporation to a benefit corporation, and has shifted its product focus beyond the R open source programming language to support Python open source-based data science."

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