RStudio focuses on bilingual data science for coders by embracing Python and R

FEBRUARY 10 2021 | By Krishna Roy

From the report:

  • "RStudio knows the user persona that likes to code data science very well. And that knowledge is enabling it to grow sales profitability in a difficult business climate. Furthermore, by enfolding Python within its commercial and free open source portfolio, the firm has opened the door to more coders"
  • "The company’s raison d’être used to be to provide open source and commercial data science for R coders. RStudio is now looking to expand its addressable audience by embracing a second open source programming language – Python."
  • "The RStudio IDE used to be exclusively for developing data science in R, using its console and syntax highlighting editor as well as tools for plotting, debugging code and workspace management. However, native integration with JuypterLab and Jupyter Notebooks (as well as VS Code) have morphed it into a broader offering – the reason the firm now calls it a data science workbench."

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