“RStudio Connect met every one of our needs. It allows us to maintain control over our apps, integrate our proprietary packages, and manage access and our users. It also allows us to control our compute resources to better manage our longer-running models. It’s also surprisingly easy to set up.”
- Ezra Tucker, Director of Data Science, Energetic Insurance

Energetic Insurance wanted to scale its data science operations

  • As reports grew in volume and complexity, maintenance became a headache.
  • Sharing them with other organizational stakeholders was also a challenge.
  • Energetic began using tools like R Markdown and Shiny. These tools ensured usability, but didn’t meet enterprise scaling and security requirements.
Bottom line: Analyses needed to be executed by anybody at the company, while meeting security and reliability standards.

RStudio Connect was the perfect solution for scaling

  • Data products became available to everyone in the company, including Shiny applications and R Markdown reports.
  • Powerful analyses could be run by anybody, on demand.
  • Security and maintenance requirements were met: control over apps, managed user-access levels.
  • Data scientists now had time to focus on doing what they do best: developing new insights.

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