Emergency Analytics

Kenneth Lopiano / PhD, Director of R&D at Roundtable Analytics

The operations of an emergency department, such as staffing or even its physical layout, can be complex. Poor operational decisions can lead to inefficiency, excessive wait-times and even substandard patient care.

Roundtable Analytics takes advantage of deep analytics to equip emergency departments with better decision-making tools. Its Emergency Department Solutions Suite relies on RStudio, Shiny and Shiny Server Pro to enable a wide range of emergency department stakeholders to improve patient and business outcomes.

"Shiny-based interactive applications place very high-level simulation modeling in the hands of key emergency department stakeholders.”

- Kenneth Lopiano, PhD, Director of R&D at Roundtable Analytics

The Challenge

An emergency department at any given moment is an almost infinite combination of patients, providers, procedures, and physical resources. Roundtable Analytics knew that computer simulation offered the key to identifying changes that would lead to better outcomes.

“We wanted to enable those who understand emergency department operations, who are not typically programmers or simulation software experts, to take advantage of computer simulation when making decisions,” says Kenneth Lopiano, PhD, Roundtable Analytics’ Director of R&D.

Improving Patient & Business Outcomes

Roundtable Analytics sees its solution improving emergency medicine across the country by taking advantage of data that are already routinely collected. By making deep analytics accessible to decision-makers, the Emergency Department Solutions Suite promotes evidence-based decisions to drive healthcare efficiency up, waste down and, most importantly, yielding healthier and more satisfied patients.

See the app developed by Roundtable Analytics with collaborators from the University of Florida here! https://gallery.shinyapps.io/EDsimulation/

Read the research publication: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6947/14/50

Sign up for Emergency Department Solutions Suite 101 here! http://solutions.roundtableanalytics.com/

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