Premium Plus Support

Premium Plus Support

RStudio, PBC
Last Updated: March 8, 2021

If you have purchased Premium Plus Support, you are entitled to the following additional support entitlements:

  1. Fair-use callback support: When you submit an urgent support ticket via the support ticket form, or escalate an existing ticket, you may request a web call back from an RStudio Support Engineer, provided that you have supplied the diagnostic information requested by RStudio. Web calls can be scheduled as soon as the next business day.

  2. Expanded service hours: Support Engineers will triage support tickets categorized as severity 1 or severity 2 during the hours of 7am to 7pm US Eastern Time (excluding weekends and RStudio holidays).

  3. Shortened initial response times: Initial response times for tickets categorized as severity 1 or severity 2 are shortened to four (4) business hours from receipt of the support ticket by RStudio.

  4. Automatic priority elevation on support tickets: Increased priority for incoming tickets to High.

Premium Plus Support is provided for RStudio professional products only (RStudio Team, RStudio Workbench, RStudio Connect, RStudio Package Manager, Shiny Server Pro, RStudio Professional Drivers, RStudio Desktop Pro,) and paid accounts on our hosted services and excludes support for Open Source Programming Languages and customer environment and infrastructure issues. Shorter response times and expanded hours apply to initial responses only, as RStudio does not guarantee access to escalation resources outside of RStudio’s regular business hours.

“Fair use” for the purposes of callback support is defined as a reasonable number of requests for assistance on topics covered by our Support Agreement. RStudio reserves the right to limit the time our support team spends on calls with any customer who is deemed to be taking advantage of this service. The service is intended to be used for urgent issues, where the customer may define “urgent” based on the business need. Customers may also use the service to escalate ongoing tickets. However, this program is not intended to be either a training or a server administration service, nor can RStudio Support agents be available outside the bounds of our current Support Agreement.