RStudio Open-Source Packages

In 2019, RStudio spent over 50% of its engineering resources on open-source software, and led contributions to over 250 open-source projects, targeting a broad range of areas.
name html_url description
actions GitHub Actions for the R community
addinexamples An R package showcasing how RStudio addins can be registered and used.
animation A gallery of animations in statistics and utilities to create animations
ansistrings Manipulation of ANSI colored strings
applicable Quantify extrapolation of new samples given a training set
asciicast Turn R scripts into terminal screencasts
async Asynchronous HTTP and computation in R
available Check if a package name is available to use
backends Static API for details on DBI backends
backports Reimplementations of Functions Introduced Since R-3.0.0
bench High Precision Timing of R Expressions
bigrquery An interface to Google’s BigQuery from R.
blob A simple S3 class for representing BLOBs
blogdown Create Blogs and Websites with R Markdown
bookdown Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown
broom Convert statistical analysis objects from R into tidy format
butcher Reduce the size of model objects saved to disk
callr Call R from R
carrier Create standalone functions for remote execution
chromote Chrome Remote Interface for R
cleancall Easy resource cleaning from C
cli Tools for making beautiful & useful command line interfaces
cliapp Rich Command Line Applications
clisymbols Unicode symbols for CLI applications, with fallbacks
cloudml R interface to Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine
colourpicker A colour picker tool for Shiny and for selecting colours in plots (in R)
conf Persistent Package Configuration
config config package for R
conflicted An alternative conflict resolution strategy for R
connectapi An R package for interacting with the RStudio Connect Server API
corrplot Package corrplot is for visualizing a correlation matrix
corrr R package for exploring correlations
covr Test coverage reports for R
crancache Transparent caching of CRAN package files - WORK IN PROGRESS!
crandalf Check all reverse dependencies of your R package on Travis CI
crayon ð
credentials Tools for Managing SSH and Git Credentials
crosstalk Inter-htmlwidget communication for R (with and without Shiny)
d3heatmap A D3.js-based heatmap htmlwidget for R
DBI A database interface (DBI) definition for communication between R and RDBMSs
DBItest Testing DBI drivers
dblog Logging for DBI
dbplyr Database (DBI) backend for dplyr
dbtest Automates testing of vector expressions of SQL translations for dplyr
debugme Easy and efficient debugging for R packages
desc Manipulate DESCRIPTION files
devoid A Graphic Device That Does Nothing
devtools Tools to make an R developer’s life easier
dials Tools for creating tuning parameter values
discrim Wrappers for discriminant analysis and naive Bayes models for use with the parsnip package
distill Distill for R Markdown
dplyr dplyr: A grammar of data manipulation
DT R Interface to the jQuery Plug-in DataTables
dtplyr Data table backend for dplyr
dygraphs R interface to dygraphs
EDAWR Data sets to support the Expert Data Analysis with R workshop
ellipsis Tools for Working with …
embed Extra recipes for categorical predictor embeddings
evaluate A version of eval for R that returns more information about what happened
fastmap Fast map implementation for R
filelock Cross platform file locking in R
flexdashboard Easy interactive dashboards for R
flights2 An expanded version fo the flights data set in the nycflights13 package
fontawesome Easily insert FontAwesome icons into R Markdown docs and Shiny apps
forcats ð
forge forge: Casting values into shape
formatR Format R Code Automatically
fs Provide cross platform file operations based on libuv.
fun Use R for Fun
funs Collection of low-level functions for working with vctrs
gargle Infrastructure for calling Google APIs from R, including auth
generics Common generic methods
gert Simple git client for R
gggeom Computational code for ggvis
ggplot2 An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in R
ggvis Interactive grammar of graphics for R
gh Minimalistic GitHub API client in R
gitdown blogdown extension for package websites
glue Glue strings to data in R. Small, fast, dependency free interpreted string literals.
gmailr Access the Gmail RESTful API from R.
googledrive Google Drive R API
googlesheets4 Google Spreadsheets R API (reboot of the googlesheets package)
graphframes R Interface for GraphFrames
gt Easily generate information-rich, publication-quality tables from R
gtable The layout packages that powers ggplot2
hardhat Construct Modeling Packages
haven Read SPSS, Stata and SAS files from R
here A simpler way to find your files
highr Syntax Highlighting for R Source Code
hms A simple class for storing time-of-day values
htmldeps Packaged HTML dependencies for Shiny, R Markdown, flexdashboard, htmlwidgets, and leaflet
htmllayout HTML layout using GSS (an experimental prototype) 
htmlwidgets HTML Widgets for R
httpuv HTTP and WebSocket server package for R
httr httr: a friendly http package for R
httrmock Mock HTTP requests, WORK IN PROGRESS, DO NOT USE IT!
iBUGS An Interface to R2WinBUGS by gWidgets
infer An R package for tidyverse-friendly statistical inference
io File input/output  
keras R Interface to Keras
kerasjs kerasjs: Run Keras models in the browser, with GPU support using WebGL
keyring :closed_lock_with_key: Access the system credential store from R
knitr A general-purpose tool for dynamic report generation in R
later Schedule an R function or formula to run after a specified period of time.
leaflet R Interface to Leaflet Maps
leaflet.mapboxgl Extends the R Leaflet package with a Mapbox GL JS plugin to allow easy drawing of vector tile layers.
leaflet.providers Contains provider information from Leaflet.js for the leaflet R package.
learnr Interactive Tutorials with R Markdown
lifecycle Manage the life cycle of your exported functions and arguments
liteq Serverless R message queue using SQLite
lobstr Understanding complex R objects with tools similar to str()
lubridate Make working with dates in R just that little bit easier
magrittr Improve the readability of R code with the pipe 
markdown The first generation of Markdown rendering for R. This markdown package has entered the maintenance-only mode in 2018. You are most likely to be looking at the wrong repo, and should go to the rmarkdown repo instead.
memoise Easy memoisation for R
mime Map filenames to MIME types 
mleap R Interface to MLeap
mockery A mocking library for R.
modeldata Data Sets Used by tidymodels Packages
modeldb Run models inside a database using R
modelr Helper functions for modelling
MSG Modern Statistical Graphics (my Chinese book)
multidplyr A dplyr backend that partitions a data frame over multiple processes
nloptr nloptr provides an R interface to NLopt, a free/open-source library for nonlinear optimization providing a common interface to a number of different optimization routines which can handle nonlinear constraints and lower and upper bounds for the controls.
objectable Create "Object Tables" with R Functions
odbc Connect to ODBC databases (using the DBI interface)
oldie Gracefully retire your functions or arguments that are no longer needed (experimental)
osname Human Readable Operating System Name
packrat Packrat is a dependency management system for R
pagedown Paginate the HTML Output of R Markdown with CSS for Print
pak A fresh approach to package installation
parsnip A tidy unified interface to models
parsons Create parsons problems to teach programming in learnr tutorials
pillar Format columns with colour
pingr R package to ping, over TCP as well
pins Pin, Discover and Share Resources
pkgapi Create a map of functions for an R package - WORK IN PROGRESS!
pkgbuild Find tools needed to build R packages
pkgcache Cache CRAN-like metadata and package files
pkgconfig Private configuration for R packages
pkgdepends R Package Dependency Resolution – EXPERIMENTAL, WORK IN PROGRESS!
pkgdown Generate static html documentation for an R package
pkginstall Provides a replacement for utils::install.packages()
pkgload Simulate installing and loading a package
plumber Turn your R code into a web API.
pool Object Pooling in R
prettycode Syntax highlight R code in the terminal
prettyunits Pretty, human readable formatting of quantities
printr Some (magical) printing methods for knitr
probably Tools for post-processing class probability estimates
processx Execute and Control System Processes from R
profvis Visualize R profiling data
progress Progress bar in your R terminal
promises A promise library for R
ps R package to query, list, manipulate system processes
ptexamples A simple R package showcasing how RStudio project templates can be used.
purrr A functional programming toolkit for R
r2d3 R Interface to D3 Visualizations
R6 Encapsulated object-oriented programming for R
ragg Graphic Devices Based on AGG
rappdirs A port of AppDirs for R
rcmdcheck Run R CMD check from R and collect the results
Rd2roxygen Convert Rd to roxygen documentation
reactlog Shiny Reactivity Visualizer
readr Read flat files (csv, tsv, fwf) into R
readxl Read excel files (.xls and .xlsx) into R ð
recharts An R Interface to ECharts
recipes A preprocessing engine to generate design matrices
rematch2 Tidy output from regular expression matches
remotes Install R packages from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, git, svn repositories, URLs
renv renv: Project environments for R.
reportsWS Tools for teaching R Markdown and Shiny
reprex Render bits of R code for sharing, e.g., on GitHub or StackOverflow.
reticulate R Interface to Python
revdepcheck R package reverse dependency checking
revealjs R Markdown Format for reveal.js Presentations
RKazam A boilerplate for DBI drivers, fully DBI-compliant
rlang Low-level API for programming with R
rlp An Example of Using Literate Programming for R Package Development
RMariaDB An R interface to MariaDB
rmarkdown Dynamic Documents for R 
rmini A minimal R package with examples of most common components
RMySQL An R interface for MySQL
rnotebook R Notebook based on JSON and R Markdown (experimental)
rolldown R Markdown output formats for storytelling
roxygen2 Generate R package documentation from inline R comments
roxygen2md Convert elements of roxygen documentation to markdown
RPostgres A DBI-compliant interface to PostgreSQL
rprojroot Finding files in project subdirectories
rray Simple Arrays
rsample Classes and functions to create and summarize different types of resampling objects
rscloud Managing RStudio Cloud spaces with R
rsconnect Publish Shiny Applications, RMarkdown Documents, Jupyter Notebooks, Plumber APIs, and more
rscrypt scrypt cryptographic functions for R
RSQLite R interface for SQLite
rstudioapi Safely access RStudio’s API (when available)
rticles LaTeX Journal Article Templates for R Markdown
rules parsnip wrappers for rule-based models
runr Run external programs from R (experimental)
rvest Simple web scraping for R
sass Sass compiler package for R
scales Tools for ggplot2 scales
servr A simple HTTP server in R
sessioninfo Print Session Information
shiny Easy interactive web applications with R
shinybootstrap2 Bootstrap 2 components for Shiny
shinyBS2demo R package demonstrating how to use shinyBootstrap2
shinycoreci Application-level automated tests for Shiny
shinydashboard Shiny Dashboarding framework 
shinyloadtest Tools for load testing Shiny applications
shinymeta Record and expose Shiny app logic using metaprogramming
shinytest Automated testing for shiny apps
shinytestPackageExample Example package that uses shinytest to test application created by a function
shinythemes Themes for Shiny
showimage Show an image on the R graphics device
sloop S language OOP ⛵️
sortable R htmlwidget for Sortable.js
sparkapi Sparklyr Extensions API
sparktf R interface to Spark TensorFlow Connector
sparkxgb R interface for XGBoost on Spark
SQL Helper functions for generating SQL code
stringr A fresh approach to string manipulation in R
styler Non-invasive pretty printing of R code
svglite A lightweight svg graphics device for R
swagger Swagger is a collection of HTML, Javascript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation from a Swagger-compliant API. 
systemfonts System Native Font Finding in R
tar Fixed up tar and untar implementation - EXPERIMENTAL
tensorflow TensorFlow for R
terminaltools RStudio addin with additional commands for the integrated terminal pane
testit A simple package for testing R packages
testthat An R ð
textrecipes Extra recipes for Text Processing
tfdatasets R interface to TensorFlow Datasets API
tfdeploy tfdeploy: Deploy Tensorflow Models from R
tfds R Interface to the TensorFlow collection of Datasets
tfestimators R interface to TensorFlow Estimators
tfhub R interface to TensorFlow Hub
tfprobability R interface to TensorFlow Probability
tfruns Track, Visualize, and Manage TensorFlow Training Runs
themis Extra recipes steps for dealing with unbalanced data
tibble A modern re-imagining of the data frame
tidymodels Easily Install and Load the ‘Tidymodels’ Packages
tidyposterior Bayesian comparisons of models using resampled statistics
tidypredict Run predictions inside the database
tidyr Easily tidy data with spread and gather functions.
tidyselect A backend for selecting functions of the tidyverse
tidytemplate A pkgdown template for core tidyverse packages
tidyverse Easily install and load packages from the tidyverse
tinytex A lightweight, cross-platform, portable, and easy-to-maintain LaTeX distribution based on TeX Live
tracer Slick call stack traces
tufte Tufte Styles for R Markdown Documents
tune Tools for tidy parameter tuning
usethis Set up commonly used ð
vctrs Vector types
vdiffr Visual regression testing and graphical diffing with testthat
vroom Fast reading of delimited files
webdriver WebDriver client in R
webshot2 Take screenshots of web pages from R
websocket WebSocket client for R
whoami Username, full name, email address and GitHub username of the current user
withr Methods For Temporarily Modifying Global State
workflows Modeling Workflows
xaringan Presentation Ninja 幻灯忍者 · 写轮眼
xfun Yihui Xie’s miscellaneous R functions
xml2 Bindings to libxml2
xmlparsedata R code parse data as an XML tree
xopen Open System Files, URLs, Anything
yardstick Tidy methods for measuring model performance
ymlthis write YAML for R Markdown, bookdown, blogdown, and more
zeallot Variable assignment with zeal! (or multiple, unpacking, and destructuring assignment in R)
zip Platform independent zip compression via miniz