RStudio Trademark Guidelines

RStudio Trademark Guidelines

RStudio, PBC (“RStudio”) is proud to offer open source products such as the RStudio® IDE and the Shiny® web application framework that are free to all. As an open source software company, we expect others to utilize and even build upon our code with copyright permissions granted under the provisions of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (AGPL v.3).

In addition to its software products, RStudio owns a number of registered trademarks to which it has exclusive rights. These include:

RStudio® Shiny®

By installing RStudio software or creating an account to use RStudio hosted services, you agree to the terms of these Trademark Guidelines. RStudio reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time, so you should periodically check these guidelines to be sure that you are in compliance. Want more information regarding trademarks? Then visit our Trademark FAQ here

While the copyright to our software is freely shared under AGPL v.3, our trademarks are the exclusive property of RStudio, as expressly permitted under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 at Section 7(e). As provided by the license, RStudio, PBC (RStudio) reserves all rights in its registered and common law trademarks. RStudio’s trademarks are its exclusive property and the use of RStudio’s trademarks is strictly prohibited without RStudio’s express authorization.

RStudio’s trademarks act as an indication of source. They let our customers know that when they are using a product bearing an RStudio trademark, or receive services from a company using an RStudio trademark, that those products and services are coming directly from us, or from people to whom we have given a license to offer products and services of the same high quality that we strive to offer.

Moreover, we have a legal obligation to protect our trademarks, and to try and ensure that they are only used by us or with our permission. For this reason, RStudio’s permission is absolutely required to use any of our trademarks as part of any project, product, service, domain name, or company name. RStudio does permit certain limited types of use automatically, but all others uses require the express, written permission of RStudio, PBC

Automatic Permitted Use

We will grant automatic permission to use the RStudio trademarks (no written application or permission required) where the primary purpose of the use is to foster the use of R or RStudio products (teach, promote and/or improve), and:

  • Your project deploys RStudio products in unmodified form supplied by RStudio, PBC for internal use only;
  • Your project identifies interactive applications or other web content developed and published using the Shiny® web application framework as “powered by RStudio®” or “created with RStudio® and Shiny®”; or
  • You are using a graphic or other materials provided by RStudio to promote an event you are hosting or the fact that you are attending or speaking at the event.

In all cases, such use must be accompanied by the following trademark notice: “RStudio and Shiny are trademarks of RStudio, PBC”

Finally, it is permissible to otherwise use the RStudio® and Shiny® trademarks to fairly discuss RStudio and its products in a manner that does not suggest sponsorship or endorsement by, or affiliation with, RStudio, but in these circumstances use of RStudio logos is not permitted.

Use that Requires Permission from RStudio

Unless you have express permission from RStudio, or your use is of the limited “Automatically Permitted” variety, use of RStudio trademarks is strictly prohibited. Here is a short, non-exhaustive list of the kinds of uses that are not permitted without authorization, but that RStudio may consider granting you the right to do:

  • Use of RStudio trademarks in connection with the provision of a public website that makes RStudio products available for download (rather than directing users to the official RStudio product download site).
  • Use of RStudio trademarks in connection with RStudio products bundled with other software.
  • Use of RStudio trademarks in connection with publicly hosted versions of RStudio products.

Requesting Permission

Anyone wishing to use any of RStudio’s trademarks in a manner other than the automatic permitted uses listed above, including but not limited to advertising, on hardware, or on software derivative of RStudio software must obtain the express, written permission of RStudio, PBC in advance.

To request permission to use a trademark, please contact us at

Should RStudio grant the requested permission, such permission may be in the form of a written license, which may include a license fee or fees, the details of which will be dependent on the specific request.

Reports of Abuse

Have you seen unauthorized use of the RStudio trademarks? We appreciate all reports of suspected unauthorized use. Please contact us at