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RStudio Academy
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Why join Academy?

  • Customized curriculum fitting the needs of your team
  • Practice-based learning
  • Learning in groups, within your company
  • Check-ins with RStudio mentors
10+weeks of
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Who is Academy for?

  • Companies with data science teams of 7+
  • Teams in need of practical skills
  • Remote teams looking to learn together
  • Companies looking to solve real life challenges

Traditional data science
training is broken.

If your goal is to train data scientists, it is unlikely to happen with workshops and online courses alone.

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What's not working

You only learn the facts

Traditional training does teach you the facts, but when you try to apply them, you have no idea where to begin.

You cover too much in too little time

Workshops and webinars speed through more content than what can reasonably be retained in the long run.

You learn in isolation

If you learn without a mentor or a team, you miss out on important guidance and risk losing motivation.

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The Academy model

We teach you the skills

We focus on project-based learning so that you apply facts to solve real-world problems from the start.

We practice to master

We emphasize daily practice and frequent feedback, so your skills are built to last.

We do it together

Meet with a mentor and peer group regularly for the support, guidance and accountability to reach your goals.

An immersive data science program with five key parts

Academy’s centerpiece is a hands-on project that you complete with the support of a peer group, mentors, lessons, and daily practice.

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Learn the fundamentals for the project with interactive lessons.

Illustration - Project milestones
Project milestones

Each week, recreate a progressive piece of the project and expand on it.

Illustration - Group sessions
Group sessions

Share your work and ideas with your group at weekly sessions.

Illustration - Mentor meetings
Mentor meetings

Meet regularly with a mentor to get personalized guidance.

Illustration - Daily practice
Daily practice

Build long-lasting habits with spaced-repetition drills.

Experiential learning is key to generating the motivation needed to develop our Data Scientists, and RStudio Academy has been a great ally in this journey.
Gabrialla Rustici

Gabrialla Rustici

Senior Director at AstraZeneca

I would highly recommend RStudio Academy to other institutions and we look forward to repeating the Academy for future cohorts!
Anya Cutler

Anya Cutler

Research Analyst at MMC Research Institute

RStudio Academy

Learn how RStudio Academy can help your team to become more data-literate

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Questions & answers

Academy is organized like an apprenticeship: during the week you learn about R with asynchronous tutorials and then apply what you learn to a project. In the middle of the week, you’ll have the opportunity to check in with your Academy mentor to receive guidance and ask questions about your project work. The week concludes with a group session, where you present your project progress to your classmates. They learn from your experience, and you gain important feedback.

Academy students report spending between 45-60 minutes on Academy each workday during the 10 weeks of instruction.

A typical Academy program has ten weeks of learning materials with 1-2 additional weeks built-in to serve as planned breaks. On off weeks, we encourage you to complete a short daily drill (< 5 minutes) to keep what you’ve learned fresh.

With your input, we build a tailored syllabus that develops the skills most relevant for your team. We have existing projects that you can use right away, or we can work with you to build a custom project that meets your team’s specific goals. All our projects teach Tidyverse methods, so that you learn the best-practices in data science with the latest and most efficient R tooling available.

Absolutely. We have a curriculum that is appropriate for beginning and experienced coders alike. Our interactive lessons provide tailored feedback so that you get support you need based on your answers with every practice exercise. And our mentoring model ensures that you receive experience-appropriate guidance for the project throughout the program.

More questions?

Our team is happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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