Nicholas Tierney

Nick Tierney completed his PhD in Statistics at QUT under Kerrie Mengersen. He is now a Lecturer at Monash University, working with Di Cook and Rob Hyndman. His research aims to improve data analysis workflow. Crucial to this work is producing high quality software to accompany each research idea. His work so far has focussed on the importance of knowing your data ( visdat), and on creating principles and tools that make it easier to work with, explore, and model missing data (naniar). Nick loves how the R programming language has transformed his world. He is a proud member of the rOpenSci community, and co-host of rstats podcast , Credibly Curious, with Saskia Freytag. Nick is a keen outdoors person, and loves hiking and rock climbing, taking photos, singing karaoke, and drinking coffee.

rstudio::conf 2020

Making better spaghetti (plots): Exploring the individuals in longitudinal data with the brolgar pac

January 30, 2020

There are two main challenges of working with longitudinal (panel) data: 1) Visualising the data, and 2) Understanding the model.