Yihui Xie

Yihui Xie is a software engineer at RStudio. He earned his PhD from the Department of Statistics, Iowa State University. He is interested in interactive statistical graphics and statistical computing. As an active R user, he has authored several R packages, such as knitr, bookdown, blogdown, xaringan, tinytex, rolldown, animation, DT, tufte, formatR, fun, xfun, mime, highr, servr, and Rd2roxygen. He also co-authored a few other R packages, including shiny, rmarkdown, rticles, and leaflet. He has authored two books, “Dynamic Documents with knitr” (Xie 2015), and “bookdown: Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown” (Xie 2016), and co-authored two books, “blogdown: Creating Websites with R Markdown” (Xie, Hill, and Thomas 2017), and “R Markdown: The Definitive Guide” (Xie, Allaire, and Grolemund 2018).


Announcing bookdown v0.23

August 18, 2021

The latest version of the **bookdown** package is now on CRAN. A highlight of the version 0.23 release is a new HTML book output format based on Bootstrap 4 called `bs4_book()`. This release also includes improved search, customizable 404 pages, and new project templates.

New in knitr: Improved Accessibility with Image Alt Text

April 20, 2021

The latest version of the knitr package is now on CRAN. A highlight of the version 1.32 release is the ability to add alt text to figures produced by code chunks. Read on to learn more about how to improve the accessibility of your knitted HTML-based output.


Latest news from the R Markdown family

April 15, 2021

Happy spring! In this post, we'll share the latest news from the R Markdown family of packages so that you know all you need to know to take advantage of the newest features. New releases include the rmarkdown and pagedown packages, among others.


Announcing blogdown v1.0

January 18, 2021

The blogdown package is now on CRAN. Read on for highlights from the version 1.0 release, including smoother workflows, new checking functions to guide you into the pit of success, the ability to pin Hugo versions, better organization of content files via page bundles, and the new Markdown mode for R Markdown posts.


Latest News from the R Markdown Family

December 21, 2020

An end-of-2020 round-up of all the latest news from the R Markdown family of packages so that you know all you need to know to take advantage of the newest features.

rstudio::conf 2020

One R Markdown Document, Fourteen Demos

February 4, 2020

R Markdown is a document format based on the R language and Markdown to intermingle computing with narratives in the same document.

rstudio::conf 2019

pagedown: Creating beautiful PDFs with R Markdown and CSS

January 25, 2019

The traditional way to beautiful PDFs is often through LaTeX or Word, but have you ever thought of printing a web page to PDF? Web technologies (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) are becoming more and more...


Reproducible Reporting

November 21, 2017

R Markdown and knitr make it easy to intermingle code and text to generate compelling reports and presentations that are never out of date.


Introducing blogdown, a new R package to make blogs and websites with R Markdown

May 24, 2017

The most typical use of R Markdown is to create a single output document from a source document, and there is no special organization of the output documents.


Use JavaScript visualization libraries at the R console

March 11, 2015

HTMLwidgets are always hosted within an R package and include all of the source code for their dependencies. This is to ensure that code which depends on widgets doesn’t require an internet connection or the ongoing availability of an internet service to run.


Shiny 0.10.2

October 2, 2014


Shiny 0.10.1

August 1, 2014