Beta Server Decommissoned

Beta Server Decommissoned

After many years of faithful service, the server **** has been taken offline.

Downloading your data

We sent an e-mail to the address you used to log in to Beta with a link to all the data in your home directory on this server. If you didn’t receive it, e-mail and indicate the e-mail address you used to log in to Beta.


If you need a place to use RStudio in the cloud, there are many options available to you:

RStudio Server Open Source 

The following community-supported resources are available:

RStudio Server Professional

RStudio now has several official offerings on cloud marketplaces, which will allow you to run a fully licensed and supported copy of RStudio Workbench with just a few clicks.

As a Beta user, you provided invaluable feedback and helped us test the RStudio IDE as it matured. From all of us at RStudio, thank you for being part of our early years. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The RStudio Team.