Apr 18 2018
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Summer Interns

We were thrilled by the response to our summer internship program. After carefully reviewing over 250 applications, we have made our final selections. Here is a brief description of each intern and the projects they will be working on this summer.

Fanny Chow, bootstrapping methods

Fanny is a master’s student working with Max Kuhn this summer. Previously she studied Statistics and International Relations at UC Davis. She is particularly interested in privacy and interpretability in machine learning.

Alex Hayes, broom

Alex Hayes will graduate from Rice University this spring with a degree in statistics. He’s particularly interested in improving modelling interfaces in R. Alex will be working with Dave Robinson on processing pull requests and reorganizing the broom package. Personal website

Dana Seidel, ggplot2

Dana Seidel is a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley joining RStudio this summer to work on ggplot2 development with Hadley Wickham. Her graduate work is focused on understanding the movement and space use of large mammals, relying heavily on R’s spatial and modelling libraries. In 2016 she worked as an intern on Google Maps’ GeoDataAnalytics team and in the last year she helped to teach an introductory data science course at UC Berkeley, training students in R, RStudio, and the tidyverse.

Timothy Mastny, Shiny

Tim is a graduate student at the University of Nebraska, transitioning into data science and software development from the aerospace industry. He will be joining Winston Chang and the Shiny team as an intern, working on open issues and UI improvements. In his spare time, he likes to dabble in open-source R packages and watch horror movies. Personal Website Github

Irene Steves, Tidies of March

Irene discovered R through the organismal biology/ecology world, and is excited to join RStudio as an intern for the summer of 2018. She will be working with Jenny Bryan to develop the Tidies of March, a series of coding challenges inspired by the Advent of Code. Github

Please welcome our Summer interns!


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