Oct 22 2018
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Summer Intern Projects

This summer we had five interns participate in our internship program. Each intern was here for 10 weeks and worked closely with a mentor or team. Everyone jumped right in and contributed quickly. We are excited about the progress our interns made and wanted to share it with you here!

Fanny Chow (@Fannystats) worked with Max Kuhn on bootstrapping methods in the rsample package. Check out her blog post here.

Alex Hayes (@alexpghayes) work on a major new release of the `broom` package featuring more modern behavior, new tidiers, new documentation and some refactoring of package internals. He wrote a blog post about his experience.

Dana Seidel (@dpseidel) worked with Hadley this summer preparing the scales 1.0.0 release and improving themes and secondary axis functionality in ggplot2. Read more about her summer projects on her blog and take a look at slides from her September 19th talk introducing the scales package to RLadies-SF.

Timothy Mastny (@timmastny) worked with Winston Chang and the Shiny team on Sass. Sass is a CSS compiler that will help make dynamic themes for Shiny apps and other R packages. He made this R package from the internship.

Irene Steves (@i_steves) worked with Jenny Bryan on The Tidies of March. Here’s a link to her blog post. Irene also presented at R-Ladies in Paris.

Thank you again to our interns and Hadley, Max, Jenny, Winston, and Dave!


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