About the RStudio Project


We started the RStudio project because we were excited and inspired by R. The creators of R provided a flexible and powerful foundation for statistical computing; then made it free and open so that it could be improved collaboratively and its benefits could be shared by the widest possible audience.

It’s better for everyone if the tools used for research and science are free and open. Reproducibility, widespread sharing of knowledge and techniques, and the leveling of the playing field by eliminating cost barriers are but a few of the shared benefits of free software in science.

RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R which works with the standard version of R available from CRAN. Like R, RStudio is available under a free software license. Our goal is to develop a powerful tool that supports the practices and techniques required for creating trustworthy, high quality analysis. At the same time, we want RStudio to be as straightforward and intuitive as possible to provide a friendly environment for new and experienced R users alike. RStudio is also a company, and we plan to sell services (support, training, consulting, hosting) related to the open-source software we distribute.

We’re looking forward to joining the R community, learning from users, growing the product, and hopefully making a meaningful contribution to the practice of research and science.

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