Apr 10 2014
2 min

Announcing our new training web pages

We’ve redesigned our training pages to make it even easier for you to learn R or Shiny. Visit our new training web page, www.rstudio.com/training, to see:

  • A curated list of free materials for learning R. We think that these are some of the most helpful resources on the web. They would make an effective starting place if you want to improve your R skills.

  • Announcements for upcoming RStudio public workshops, like the Introduction to R course that we’re holding on April 28 & 29 in San Francisco.

  • A database of well known R instructors, who can provide on-site – as well as online – R training.

  • Links to the new Shiny Dev Center, which includes articles, examples, and a tutorial, all designed to help you master Shiny.

  • Links to the preview sites for R Markdown, an easy option for writing reproducible reports with R, and ggvis, an R package that creates interactive plots with the grammar of graphics.

  • Links to books that we have written (or are writing) about R and its tools.

Why are we so excited about training? We think that learning R and Shiny is the best investment that a data user can make. These two free tools can streamline how you analyze data and deliver results. Browse through the links at www.rstudio.com/training and see for yourself.

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