Announcing RStudio Shiny Server Pro v1.1

We are happy to announce the availability of v1.1 of RStudio Shiny Server Pro, our commercial server for deploying Shiny applications. In this release we took your feedback and made it easier for you to integrate Shiny Server Pro into your production environments. With Shiny Server Pro v1.1 you now can:

  • Control access to your applications with Google Authentication (OAuth2).

  • Create sessions and authenticate with PAM (auth_pam and pam_sessions_profile).

  • Set the version of R that is used per application and/or per user

  • Customize page templates for directory listings and error pages.

  • Monitor service health and get additional metrics with a new health check endpoint.

  • Provide custom environment variables to a Shiny process using Bash profiles

  • Configure apps to run using the authenticated user’s account with custom environment variables from Bash or PAM

  • Launch Shiny apps with a prefix command such as ‘nice’ allowing you to prioritize compute resources per application or per user

If you haven’t tried Shiny Server Pro yet, download a copy here.

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