Come see RStudio at UseR! 2014

The R User Conference 2014 is coming up fast in Los Angeles!

RStudio will be there in force to share the latest enhancements to shiny, ggvis, knitr, dplyr. R markdown, packrat and more. Here’s a quick snapshot of our scheduled sessions. We hope to see you in as many of them as you can attend!

Monday, June 30

Morning Tutorials

  • _Interactive graphics with ggvis _- Winston Chang

  • Dynamic Documents with R and knitr - Yihui Xie

Afternoon Tutorials

  • Data manipulation with dplyr - Hadley Wickham

  • Interactive data display with Shiny and R - Garrett Grolemund

Tuesday, July 1

Session 1 10:30 Room - Palisades ggvis: Interactive graphics in R - Winston Chang

Session 2 13:00 Room - Palisades Shiny: R made interactive - Joe Cheng

Session 3 16:00 Room - Palisades dplyr: a grammar of data manipulation - Hadley Wickham

Wednesday, July 2

Session 5 16.00 Room - Palisades Packrat - A Dependency Management System for R - J.J. Allaire

Thursday, July 3

Session 6 10:00 Room - Palisades The Next Generation of R Markdown - J.J. Allaire Knitr Ninja - Yihui Xie Embedding Shiny Apps in R Markdown documents - Garrett Grolemund

Every Day

Don’t miss our table in the exhibition area during the conference. Come talk to us about your plans for R and learn how RStudio Server Pro and Shiny Server Pro can provide enterprise-ready support and scalability for your RStudio IDE and Shiny deployments.

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