Feb 11 2015
1 min

Epoch.com sponsors RMySQL development

I’m very pleased to announce that Epoch.com has stepped up as a sponsor for the RMySQL package.

For the last 20 years, Epoch.com has built its Internet Payment Service Provider infrastructure on open source software. Their data team, led by Szilard Pafka, PhD, has been using R for nearly a decade, developing cutting-edge data visualization, machine learning and other analytical applications. According to Epoch, “We have always believed in the value of R and in the importance of contributing to the open source community.”

This sort of sponsorship is very important to me. While I already spend most of my time working on R packages, I don’t have the skills to fix every problem. Sponsorship allows me to hire outside experts. In this case, Epoch.com’s sponsorship allowed me to work with Jeroen Ooms to improve the build system for RMySQL so that a CRAN binary is available for every platform.

Is your company interested in sponsoring other infrastructure work that benefits the whole R community? If so, please get in touch.

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