lubridate 1.2.0 now on CRAN

The latest version of lubridate offers some powerful new features and huge speed improvements. Some areas, such as date parsing are more than 50 times faster. lubridate 1.2.0 also fixes those pesky NA bugs in 1.1.0. Here’s some of what you’ll find:

Parsers can now handle a wider variety date formats, even within the same vector

dates <- c("January 31, 2010", "2-28-2010", "03/31/2000")
dates <- mdy(dates)
## [1] "2010-01-31 UTC" "2010-02-28 UTC" "2000-03-31 UTC

Stamp lets you display dates however you like, by emulating an example date

stamper <- stamp("1 March 1999")
[1] "31 January 2010"  "28 February 2010" "31 March 2000"

New methods add months without rolling past the end of short months. Its hard to find a satisfactory way to implement addition with months, but the %m+% and %m-% operators provide a new option that wasn’t available before.

ymd("2010-01-31") %m+% months(1:3)
[1] "2010-02-28 UTC" "2010-03-31 UTC" "2010-04-30 UTC"

lubridate 1.2.0 includes many awesome ideas and patches submitted by lubridate users, so check out what is new. For a complete list of new features and contributors, see the package NEWS file on github.

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