New Shiny cheat sheet and video tutorial

We’ve added two new tools that make it even easier to learn Shiny.

Video tutorial


The How to Start with Shiny training video provides a new way to teach yourself Shiny. The video covers everything you need to know to build your own Shiny apps. You’ll learn:

  • The architecture of a Shiny app

  • A template for making apps quickly

  • The basics of building Shiny apps

  • How to add sliders, drop down menus, buttons, and more to your apps

  • How to share Shiny apps

  • How to control reactions in your apps to

    • update displays

    • trigger code

    • reduce computation

    • delay reactions

  • How to add design elements to your apps

  • How to customize the layout of an app

  • How to style your apps with CSS

Altogether, the video contains two hours and 25 minutes of material organized around a navigable table of contents.

Best of all, the video tutorial is completely free. The video is the result of our recent How to Start Shiny webinar series. Thank you to everyone who attended and made the series a success!

Watch the new video tutorial here.

New cheat sheet

The new Shiny cheat sheet provides an up-to-date reference to the most important Shiny functions.


The cheat sheet replaces the previous cheat sheet, adding new sections on single-file apps, reactivity, CSS and more. The new sheet also gave us a chance to apply some of the things we’ve learned about making cheat sheets since the original Shiny cheat sheet came out.

Get the new Shiny cheat sheet here.

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