May 24 2012
1 min

NYC Meetup: What’s Next for R Markdown


There’s been lots of excitement about the new R Markdown feature introduced as part of knitr 0.5 and RStudio 0.96. People see R Markdown as both a simpler way to do reproducible research and as a great way to publish to the web from R. Jeromy Anglim has a nice write up on getting started with R Markdown and Marcus Gesmann describes how to embed Google Visualizations using his googleVis package.

We are just as excited about R Markdown and think there is lots more that can be done with it. We’ll be talking about this along with Yihui Xie (author of knitr) and Jeff Horner (author of R/Apache and Rook) on Tuesday June 5th in New York:

At the meetup we’ll be showing the latest versions of knitr and RStudio and will be announcing some new R Markdown stuff—if you are in New York we’d love to see you there!

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