Package Development cheatsheet, plus Chinese translations


We’ve added a new cheatsheet to our collection! Package Development with devtools will help you find the most useful functions for building packages in R. The cheatsheet will walk you through the steps of building a package from:

  • Setting up the package structure

  • Adding a DESCRIPTION file

  • Writing code

  • Writing tests

  • Writing documentation with roxygen

  • Adding data sets

  • Building a NAMESPACE, and

  • Including vignettes

The sheet focuses on Hadley Wickham’s devtools package, and it is a useful supplement to Hadley’s book R Packages, which you can read online at

Download the sheet here.

Bonus - Vivian Zhang of SupStat Analytics has kindly translated the existing Data Wrangling, R Markdown, and Shiny cheatsheets into Chinese. You can download the translations at the bottom of the cheatsheet gallery.

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