Package Manager Patch Release

Earlier this month we announced RStudio Package Manager version 1.1.0, a major update to RStudio Package Manager that added support for:

  • Faster package installs on Linux with pre-compiled binaries
  • Easier installs through the display of system requirements
  • A calendar of repository checkpoints to make it easier to reproduce work

This patch release updates the 1.1.0 version without introducing any new features. The patch fixes a bug in the prior release that impacts performance when serving binary packages from historical checkpoints. There is also a small chance that an incorrect historical binary could be served under specific repository and source configurations. These problems were discovered internally, and no customers reported any impact.

Patch Instructions

We strongly encourage all customers using version 1.1.0 to apply the patch by simply by installing version on top of the existing 1.1.0 release.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, be sure to consult the release notes for the intermediate releases, as well.

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