Nov 3 2017
1 min

R-Admins Community

Today we’re pleased to announce a new category of dedicated to R administrators:

There are already multiple places where you can get help with R, Shiny, the RStudio IDE, and the tidyverse. There are, however, far fewer resources for R admins: people who work with R in production, in large organizations, and in complex environments. We hope this new category will serve as a useful and friendly place to connect with fellow R admins to discuss the issues they deal with. We expect this category to include:

  • Discussions about best practices and ideas

  • General questions to fellow admins about RStudio Pro products, designed to ease friction in R administrator workflows

  • An exchange of ideas on domain-specific use cases and configurations

If you’re an existing RStudio customer, this forum is a complement to RStudio’s direct support:

  • Folks from RStudio will participate, but only lightly moderate topics and discussions.

  • RStudio commercial license holders should still feel free to report Pro product problems to

  • If you think a topic needs RStudio support’s attention, please suggest that the poster contact RStudio support directly. You can also tag @support in a reply.

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