We’re pleased to announce a new version of roxygen2. The biggest news is that you can painlessly document your S4 classes, S4 methods and RC classes with roxygen2 - you can safely remove workarounds that used @alias and @usage, and simply rely on roxygen2 to do the right thing. Roxygen2 is also much smarter when it comes to S3: you can remove existing uses of @method, and can replace @S3method with @export.

Version 3.0 also includes many other improvements including better generation of usage, the ability to turn off wrapping in your Rd files and choose default roclets for a package, a safer roxygenise() (or roxyngenize() if you prefer) and many other bug fixes and improvement. See the full list on the github release.

As always, you can install the latest version with install.packages("roxygen2")

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