RStudio 1.4 - A quick tour


In case you missed the details of our recent release or would just like a quick tour, here’s a set of videos highlighting our recent work on RStudio 1.4.

Watch the full video here or see some highlights below.

Visual RMarkdown Editing

A visual markdown editor that provides improved productivity for composing longer-form articles and analyses with R Markdown.

Python Integrations

New Python capabilities, including display of Python objects in the Environment pane, viewing of Python data frames, and tools for configuring Python versions and conda/virtual environments.

Command Palette & Shortcuts

A new command palette (accessible via Ctrl+Shift+P) that provides easy keyboard access to all RStudio commands, add-ins, and options.

SAML Support

Integration with a host of new RStudio Server Pro features including project sharing with Launcher, Microsoft Visual Studio Code support (currently in beta), Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication, and local Launcher load balancing.

For more detail on RStudio 1.4, feel free to read our previous summary post or watch the full video.

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