Jun 24 2015
1 min

RStudio adds custom domains, bigger data and package support to shinyapps.io

It’s time to share “What’s New” in shinyapps.io!

  • Custom Domains - host your shiny applications on your own domain (Professional Plan only). Learn more.

  • Bigger applications – include up to 1GB of data with your application bundles!

  • Bigger packages – until now shinyapps.io could only support installation of packages under 100MB; now it’s 1GB! (attention users of BioConductor packages especially)

  • Better locale detection – the newest shinyapps package now detects and maps your locale appropriately if it varies from the locale of shinyapps.io (you will need to update your shinyapps package)

  • ****Application deletion - ****you can now delete applications permanently. First archive your application, then delete it. Note: Be careful; all deletes are permanent.

  • Transfer / Rename accounts - select a different name for your account or transfer control to another shinyapps.io account holder.

  • ****“What’s New” is New - your dashboard displays the latest enhancements to shinyapps.io under…you guessed it… “What’s New”!

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