Apr 17 2020
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RStudio and COVID-19


As we’re all aware, the impact of the current global pandemic has been significant. We know that many in the R community are involved in the response, and we want to help out where we can.


If you are using R and Shiny to analyse or visualise COVID-19 data and want an easy way to share your work with others, we’d like to offer you six months of free basic hosting on shinyapps.io. This will enable you to share your app widely without having to worry about the number of compute hours (basic accounts are usually limited to 500 compute hours per month, but we won’t enforce that limit on these apps). Just use the discount code COVID_DISCOUNT_2020_BASIC when you sign up or upgrade (the coupon must be redeemed before June 1).

Due to a limitation in our system, you will need a credit card on file to take advantage of the discount. We know this is a hassle, but we won’t charge your card for the first six months, and we’ll send out an email reminder before the coupon expires so you can downgrade back to the free plan. (You can learn more about upgrades and downgrades in the shinyapps.io user’s guide.)

If you’d like access to the Standard plan for hosting (e.g., you need authentication so you can share data only within your hospital), please get in touch with Support and we’ll do our best to help out.

Professional products

We don’t want access to our commercial products to gate your COVID-19 academic research. If your qualified academic research group could substantially benefit from RStudio Connect, RStudio Server Pro, or RStudio Package Manager, we may be able to offer additional discounts on an annual plan or free access for 6 months. Please contact info@rstudio.com for more details.

Other R help

Are you a COVID-19-focussed research group that needs a little help with R programming (whether it be data analysis, app development, or package construction)? We obviously can’t help everyone, but our engineers would love to help out where possible. If you have pressing R development needs, please fill out this form. The posts created via this form will be posted publicly on RStudio Community and our engineers and sustainers will be monitoring the forum regularly.

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