RStudio at R/Pharma 2022

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R/Pharma is here! Running until November 10th, this free conference focuses on the use of R and other open-source software in the development of pharmaceuticals. We are excited to announce various workshops and sessions led by our RStudio colleagues.

Register for the event to learn how RStudio is supporting open source in pharma. Workshops start on October 25th – see them all on the workshop page.

October 25th

October 27th

  • Workshop: How to use pointblank to understand, validate, and document your data, hosted by Rich Iannone (registration page)

October 31st

  • Workshop: Building a Data Science Community at Your Pharma, hosted by Rachael Dempsey (registration page)

November 1st

  • Workshop: Admin - Clinical Environment Management, hosted by Satish Murthy (J&J) and Devin Pastoor (RStudio) (registration page)

November 8th

  • Panel: Building a Data Science Community at Your Pharma, hosted by Rachael Dempsey with panelist Pharma leaders Paulo Bargo (JnJ), Guillaume Desachy (Astrazeneca), and others

November 10th

  • Talk: Three new things in tidymodels, hosted by Max Kuhn, Hannah Frick, Emil Hvitfeldt, and Qiushi Yan (talk page)

There have been a lot of new developments for modeling in the tidyverse. This talk will show off tools for censored regression, an interface to clustering, and how to use the platform for optimizing/fitting models.

Learn more

Find out more about R/Pharma on their website, where you can see the conference agenda and links to all workshops.

Interested in seeing what R/Pharma 2021 was like? Session videos are available on YouTube.

Keep in touch on Twitter and Slack.

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