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Tables are an excellent way to organize your data, whether the medium is an R Markdown document, poster, or a Shiny app. We’ve collected many community contributions that shine in this regard and they are showcased in the new RStudio Community Table Gallery.

We’re starting off by featuring over 30 different tables. They use a multitude of table packages such as {DT}, {reactable}, and {gt}. Some are interactive, others are static, all are excellent. Each entry shows the finished product and always includes a full description and reusable code. This collective font of information will certainly get your imagination going about all the goodness that’s to be had from tables!

And, hey!, we’re just getting started. We will add more examples and keep evolving this site so it will continue to be fresh and inspiring in the coming years. There are always new innovations in tabular design and you can bet that they’ll be featured in the RStudio Community Table Gallery.


We’d like to thank all of the first group of 20 contributors who made this resource possible:


Agustin Calatroni, Becca Krouse, Stephanie Lussier

Benjamin Nowak

Bill Schmid

David Smale

Edgar Zamora

Etienne Bacher

Georgios Karamanis

Greg Lin

Greta Gasparac

Jack Davison

Juan Cruz Rodriguez

Kaustav Sen

Kyle Cuilla

Michael Thomas (Ketchbrook Analytics)

Niels van der Velden

Ryo Nakagawara

Ryszard Szymański

Stephan Teodosescu

Vladislav Fridkin

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