Sep 14 2017
3 min

We’re excited to announce, a new site for discussions about RStudio, the tidyverse, and friends. To begin with, we’re focussing on three main areas:

In the near future, we expect to launch a category for RStudio admins. This will be a place to coordinate knowledge about best practices for installing, configuring, and managing RStudio products, and for running R in production. Stay tuned for more details!

What is for?

It’s easiest to say what is not: it’s not a replacement for Stack Overflow, GitHub, or our premium support services:

  • If you have a precisely and clearly defined question (and accompanying reprex), you should still ask it on Stack Overflow.

  • If you have discovered a bug in an R package, you should still file an issue on GitHub.

  • If you’re a customer with a commercial license for a Professional products, you should continue to report Pro product issues as described in our support agreement.

The goal of is to provide a friendly space for discussions that don’t quite fit into the above categories. It’s a great place to send your friends who are intimidated by Stack Overflow, or to go to if you’re not sure whether or not you’ve found a bug. We expect that it will gradually supplant our existing google groups like shiny-discuss and ggplot2.

RStudio employees will frequent the discussions, but we won’t have time to answer every question. We will ensure that discussions remain friendly and professional, but our goal is to foster an environment where the RStudio community can help one another.

Getting the ball rolling

The RStudio forums are a community site, and a community site is nothing without a community! In order to generate some initial momentum, we’re going to be running four limited-time promotions:

  • Joe Cheng (developer of Shiny), Hadley Wickham (me), and Garrett Grolemund (RStudio master instructor) will do weekly office hours. We’ll each be online for at least one hour per week, and will spend that time answering your questions.

  • If you post in the first month, you’ll get a custom “founding member” badge for your profile.

  • Each week for the next month we’ll recognize a few of the most helpful participants, and send them a sticker pack and t-shirt. Post once during the week to be eligible.

  • Each month for the next six months we’ll select one person who we feel has been particularly helpful to the community, and send them a signed copy of R4DS and an RStudio t-shirt of their choice.

Depending on how things go, we might keep doing the prize packs for longer, but you should participate soon in order to maximise your chances of a sweet prize!

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