Newer to R? rstudio::conf 2018 is for you! Early bird pricing ends August 31.

Immersion is among the most effective ways to learn any language. Immersing where new and advanced users come together to improve their use of the R language is a rare opportunity. rstudio::conf 2018 is that time and place!


Be an Early Bird! Discounts for early conference registration expire August 31. Immerse as a team! Ask us about group discounts for 5 or more from the same organization.

Rstudio::conf 2018 is a two day conference with optional two day workshops. One of the conference tracks will focus on topics for newer R users. Newer R users will learn about the best ways to use R, to avoid common pitfalls and accelerate proficiency. Several workshops are also designed specifically for those newer to R.

Intro to R & RStudio

  • Are you new to R & RStudio and do you learn best in person? You will learn the basics of R and data science, and practice using the RStudio IDE (integrated development environment) and R Notebooks. We will have a team of TAs on hand to show you the ropes and help you out when you get stuck.

    This course is taught by well-known R educator and friend of RStudio, Amelia McNamara, a Smith College Visiting Assistant Professor of Statistical and Data Sciences & Mass Mutual Faculty Fellow.

Data Science in the Tidyverse

  • Are you ready to begin applying the book, R for Data Science? Learn how to achieve your data analysis goals the “tidy” way. You will visualize, transform, and model data in R and work with date-times, character strings, and untidy data formats. Along the way, you will learn and use many packages from the tidyverse including ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, readr, purrr, tibble, stringr, lubridate, and forcats.

    This course is taught by friend of RStudio, Charlotte Wickham, a professor and award winning teacher and data analyst at Oregon State University.

Intro to Shiny & R Markdown

  • Do you want to share your data analysis with others in effective ways? For people who know their way around the RStudio IDE and R at least a little, this workshop will help you become proficient in Shiny application development and using R Markdown to communicate insights from data analysis to others.

    This course is taught by Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, Duke professor and RStudio professional educator. Mine is well known for her open education efforts, and her popular data science MOOCs.

Whether you are new to the R language or as advanced as many of our speakers and educators, rstudio::conf 2018 is the place and time to focus on all things R & RStudio.

We hope to see you in San Diego!

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