Dec 16 2020
1 min

RStudio Connect 1.8.6 - Python Update

Bokeh and Streamlit support is now generally available

We are happy to announce that the newest interactive Python content types, Bokeh and Streamlit, are now generally available in RStudio Connect.

Thank You! to everyone who reached out to provide feedback on Bokeh and Streamlit during the Beta period.

The RStudio Connect User Guide contains information about our support for Bokeh and Streamlit, including detailed deployment instructions, example applications, and known limitations/compatibility requirements for each framework:

Request a demo of Python in RStudio Connect

For a hands-on approach to learning about Python content in RStudio Connect, try exploring the Jump Start examples. The Jump Start examples now contain tutorials for Bokeh and Streamlit application publishing under the Python tab.

Screenshots of the RStudio Connect Jump Start publising tutorial

Learn how data science teams use RStudio for R and Python

RStudio Connect 1.8.6

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