Jul 17 2020
2 min


Thumbnail RStudio Global 2021 event poster

We’ve made the difficult decision to cancel rstudio:conf(2021) for the health and safety of our attendees and the broader community 😢. Instead, we’re excited to announce rstudio::global(2021): our first ever virtual event focused on all things R and RStudio!

We have never done a virtual event before and we’re feeling both nervous and excited. We will make rstudio::global() our most inclusive and global event, making the most of the freedom from geographical and economic constraints that comes with an online event. That means that the conference will be free, designed around participation from every time zone, and have speakers from around the world.

We’re still working through the details, but as of today we’re thinking that most talks will be pre-recorded (so you can watch at your leisure), accompanied by a 24 hour live event filled with keynotes, interviews, opportunities to share knowledge, and as much fun as we can possibly squeeze into a virtual event! We don’t know the precise dates yet, but it’s likely to be late January 2021.

We’ll share more over the next few weeks: if you would like to receive notifications about the details, please subscribe below.

(If you already registered for rstudio::conf() as a superfan, we’ll be in touch shortly to find out if you’d prefer a refund or to transfer your registration to 2022. If you have any questions in the mean time, please feel free to reach out to conf@rstudio.com)

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