Jul 17 2020
2 min

rstudio::global() call for talks


We’re excited to announce that the call for talks for rstudio::global(2021) is now open! Since we’re rethinking the conference to make the most of the new venue, the talks are going to be a little different to usual.

This year we are particularly interested in talks from people who can’t usually make it in person, or are newer to conference speaking. We’re excited to partner with Articulation Inc to offer free speaker coaching: as long as you have an interesting idea and are willing to put in some work, we’ll help you develop a great talk. (And if you’re an old hand at conference presentations, we’re confident that Articulation can help you get even better!)

Talks will be 20 minutes long and recordings will be due in early December, and you’ll also be part of the live program in January; details TBD. We’ll provide support to make sure that everyone can produce a high quality video regardless of circumstances.

To apply, as well as the usual title and abstract, you’ll need to create a 60 second video that introduces you and your proposed topic. In the video, you should tell us who you are, why your topic is important, and what attendees will take away from it. We’re particularly interested in hearing about:

  • How you’ve used R (by itself or with other technologies) to solve a challenging problem.

  • Your favourite R package (whether you wrote it or not) and how it significantly eases an entire class of problems or extends R into new domains.

  • Your techniques for teaching R to help it reach new domains and new audiences.

  • Broad reflections on the R community, R packages, or R code.

Applications close August 28, and you’ll hear back from us in late September.


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