Feb 19 2016
2 min

Shinyapps.io Update Notification

RStudio is pleased to notify account holders of recent updates to shinyapps.io.

Note: Action is required if your shiny application URL includes internal.shinyapps.io

What’s New?

We have updated the authentication and invitation system to improve the user experience, security, and extensibility for anyone with private applications. You may have already noticed some changes to the authentication flow for your applications if you are a Standard or Professional account holder.

As a part of these changes, we have eliminated the IFRAME and the associated RStudio branding, except for customers using custom domains where the IFRAME is still required.

For customers on free plans, we will replace the RStudio branding bar with a softer, less intrusive branding overlay.

Possible Action Required

If you have used the provided URL from shinyapps.io for your shiny applications like most accounts, no action is needed. Your applications will simply benefit from the improvements.

If your shiny application URL begins with internal.shinyapps.io you must change it.

To complete the update we will** SHUTDOWN **all internal.shinyapps.io URLs on** March 2, 2016**. If you have publicly linked your application to internal.shinyapps.io or you have embedded applications on your website by directly referring to the internal.shinyapps.io URL, **you MUST change your links** to the URL you see in the shinyapps.io dashboard for your application.

While relatively few accounts are impacted and no action is required for most shinyapps.io users, if you have questions please contact shinyapps-support@rstudio.com.

Thank you all for your help and thanks for using shinyapps.io!

The RStudio shinyapps.io Team

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