Talk recordings and workshop materials from rstudio::conf(2022)

In July, we wrapped up rstudio::conf(2022). Throughout the conference, we had an exciting array of workshops, an inspiring lineup of speakers, Birds of a Feather meetups, sticker drops, and a few surprises — like RStudio becoming Posit in October 2022! Whether you joined us in person in Washington, D.C., or virtually from around the world, thank you for attending.

We are excited to share the workshop materials and talk recordings from rstudio::conf(2022), linked below:

We are so grateful to our instructors, teaching assistants, speakers, and everybody who made rstudio::conf possible. Thank you again to our attendees — we hope to see you at posit::conf(2023)!

Talk Recordings and Materials

With over 99 talks, we hope that there’s something for everybody.

Workshop Materials

On the first two days of the conference, we offered 16 workshops taught by RStudio staff and experts throughout the data science community. All workshop materials are licensed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 License. The workshops were not recorded, but we hope you’ll find the materials helpful.

All workshop materials are organized at Workshops at rstudio::conf(2022).

Workshop Instructor(s) More Info
Introduction to the tidyverse RStudio Academy team of data science educators, including Garrett Grolemund, Desirée De Leon, and others repo
Graphic Design with ggplot2: How to Create Engaging and Complex Visualizations in R Cédric Scherer repo
Getting Started with Quarto Tom Mock repo
From R Markdown to Quarto Andrew Bray repo
Getting Started with Shiny Colin Rundel repo
Building Production-Quality Shiny Applications Eric Nantz repo
Machine Learning with tidymodels Julia Silge + Max Kuhn + David Robinson repo
What They Forgot to Teach You About R Shannon McClintock Pileggi + Jenny Bryan + David Aja repo
Building Tidy Tools Emma Rand + Ian Lyttle repo
Package Development Masterclass Hadley Wickham repo
Designing the Data Science Classroom Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel + Maria Tackett repo
Making Art from Code: How the magic works, and the practical skills it teaches Danielle Navarro repo
Causal Inference in R Lucy D'Agostino McGowan + Malcolm Barrett repo
R for People Analytics Keith McNulty + Alex LoPilato + Liz Romero repo
How Data Science with R Works for Systems Administrators Alex Gold repo
Clinical Reporting in R Andy Nicholls + Christina Fillmore repo

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