Nov 28 2018
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Thinking about going to rstudio::conf 2019? Act soon!

rstudio::conf 2019, the conference for all things R and RStudio, is less than two months away and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone January 15 - 18 in Austin, TX.

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If you haven’t registered for a workshop or the conference or booked your travel yet, we have some good news and some bad.

The bad news (because we want everyone to be able to attend) is that many workshops are sold out, and conference registrations were already at 91% of capacity as of November 28!

The good news is that several excellent workshops still have room, and we’ve just expanded the available meeting space and catering at the Fairmont to accommodate more conference registrations. Regrettably, we have no more academic seats available, but the discount for groups of five or more from a single organization is still available. The hotel also still has rooms under the conference block so you can make the most of your conference experience - and stay warm and dry should the weather turn chilly and wet.

So, if you want to get the amazing data science skills booster shot that is rstudio::conf, please register for the conference today. And if you haven’t picked a workshop yet, here are some workshops with at least 20 seats still available as of November 28, 2018.

Using Shiny in Production Shiny applications are being deployed in high-value, customer-facing, and/or enterprise-wide scenarios. Unfortunately, they are often being done without the benefit of best practices distilled by our teams who work with RStudio customers. Few know these practices as well as Sean Lopp and Kelly O’Briant. This workshop will help you and/or your IT colleagues who support your data scientists learn how to accelerate a successful Shiny application deployment in production scenarios.

Advanced R Markdown Few experienced R users are unaware of Yihui Xie or the many R packages he has authored and co-authored. This workshop, based on the new book R Markdown: The Definitive Guide by Yihui Xie, J.J. Allaire, and Garrett Grolemund, is a rare opportunity to learn and practice the things you never knew R Markdown could do, with Yihui himself and Alison Hill.

Big Data with R Edgar Ruiz returns with James Blair to deliver one of the most popular and highly rated workshops from last year. If your R work involves databases and big data clusters, this is the workshop for you.

Shiny Train-the-Trainer Certification Popular educator Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel leads this workshop for proficient Shiny users who want to build classes or internal workshops with RStudio’s beginner and intermediate curricula. The course will also cover how to use RStudio Cloud and its tutorials to jump-start your lessons.

Other workshops still available, but expected to sell out soon, include “What they Forgot to Teach you about R” (Instructor: Jenny Bryan); “Intermediate Shiny” (Instructor: Aimee Gott); and “Introduction to the Tidyverse” (Instructor: Amelia McNamara with Hadley Wickham)

We can’t wait to see you in Austin!

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