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Full Service Certified Partners

RStudio Full Service Certified Partners resell RStudio professional products and employ RStudio certified R administrators and/or R user instructors who offer training, implementation, management, and development services that help customers succeed with R and RStudio.

AgileSoDA provides integrated support for enterprise to internalize artificial intelligence technologies from analysis, forecasting modeling to system application based on Machine Learning.
AgileSoDA  는 기업을 위한 머신러닝 기반의 분석, 예측 모델링부터 시스템 적용까지 기업에서 인공지능 기술을 내재화할 수 있도록 통합 지원합니다.

AgileSoDA provides industry-specific model packages, consulting services, and system application centering on ‘R and SparklingSoDA, our AI DevOps portal’, as a one-stop service. AgileSoDA is the first RStudio authorized reseller in Asia and covers Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, mainly in Korea, Japan and Vietnam.
R과 당사 제품인 AI DevOps Portal인 SparklingSoDA를 중심으로 산업특성화된 모델 패키지와 컨설팅 서비스 그리고 시스템 적용까지 원스톱으로 제공합니다. AgileSoDA는 아시아 최초의 RStudio 공인 리셀로로서 한국, 일본, 베트남을 중심으로 싱가포르, 태국, 말레이시아, 인도네시아를 커버합니다.

daqana helps you unleash the full potential of your data. Our services comprise training and support for clients with their own quant team as well as full service packages for clients who rather outsource data analytics. Based in Germany, we are proud and happy to be the first RStudio Full Service Certified Partner in Continental Europe.

As a restless driver of R adoption in businesses and enterprises, we help you select, install, and manage RStudio products. We also provide fully managed server solutions based on RStudio products. daqana develops and maintains bespoke solutions as well as community packages for web applications, stochastics und high performance computing with R.
Our data scientists, software developers, and software engineers work hand in hand to provide solutions that most safely and seamlessly integrate with your business and processes. In the academy we teach you how to use the most powerful tools for data analytics, including R and Python. As a support team, we provide quick, experienced and high performance solutions for your analytics department. Full service packages enable you to focus on your key skills and outsource your data analytics team.

At ixpantia our passionate and experienced data scientists and business consultants work with organizations around the world to empower them to innovate with a data-driven approach. From our headquarters in Latin America we support our customers and help their teams develop data products and deploy them to production.
En ixpantia nuestro apasionado y experimentado equipo de científicos de datos y consultores de negocios trabaja con organizaciones alrededor del mundo para implementar estrategias de innovación basada en datos. Desde nuestras oficinas en Latinoamérica, damos soporte a nuestros clientes y ayudamos a sus equipos a desarrollar productos de datos y llevarlos a producción.

ixpantia adds significant value to your data projects through our tailored services and highly skilled and empathetic team. We augment your team’s data science capabilities by accompanying them from project ideation to deployment. If needed, we help you to align data initiatives with overall strategy and guide you to prioritize data projects. We are fully certified to deploy data products on-site or in the cloud. Our end-goal is to have fully satisfied customers who are increasingly self-sufficient to continue their data journeys.
ixpantia agrega valor a sus proyectos de datos a través de nuestros servicios personalizados con un equipo empático y altamente calificado. Potenciamos las capacidades de su equipo en ciencia de datos mediante nuestro acompañamiento desde la concepción de sus proyectos hasta su puesta en marcha. De ser necesario, ayudamos a alinear sus iniciativas de datos con su estrategia de negocio, así como a priorizar sus esfuerzos de datos. Estamos certificados para llevar sus productos de datos a producción localmente o en la nube. Nuestro objetivo final es tener clientes plenamente satisfechos que son cada vez más autosuficientes en sus iniciativas de datos.

Jumping Rivers provides clear predictions from the depths of dirty data. We enable you to realise the full potential and value of your data by providing both consultancy and training. Based in the UK, our team have an excellent technical and statistical background with
experience in a range of sectors, working with small start-ups to large multinational companies and world-class universities alike.

Our consultancy team have extensive capabilities in a variety of data science technologies including R, Python, Tensorflow, Scala, Spark and Docker. Whether you need development or advice, Jumping Rivers can help you build, manage, automate, deploy and scale your solutions. We also offer training services tailored to your organisation, assisting teams in acquiring the necessary R, Python, SQL and statistics knowledge to fully utilise data to inform critical decisions.

Lander Analytics is a full-service data science firm based in New York City that empower clients across all industries to unlock their data’s potential through artificial intelligence and machine learning. We help organizations take the guesswork out of their decisions to drive their work to the next level.

Led by Chief Data Scientist Jared Lander, our team is a diverse community of elite data scientists, statisticians, visual designers, hackers, published authors, professors, keynote speakers and management consultants. We are united by our shared talent and passion for rigorous data science that we leverage to meet real world challenges. Collectively, Lander Analytics is a recognized leader in the open source data community, hosting events like the popular annual New York R Conference in New York City and offering consulting, advisory and training services.

Mango Business Solutions Ltd provide complex analysis solutions, consulting, training, and application development for some of the largest companies in the world. Founded and based in UK in 2002, the company offers a number of bespoke products for data analysis including validation of open-source software for regulated industries.

Mango offers a tailored service with R at its heart. Whether you’re in the market for training, R or shiny development, R infrastructure or strategy advice, we can help. As one of the largest R focused consulting organisations, Mango have introduced, expanded and professionalised the R capability for some of the world’s biggest companies. With extensive knowledge of the R ecosystem as well as ancillary technologies such as python and spark, Mango is your trusted partner for data science.

Yotabites Consulting is a boutique Big Data and Data Science company in the midwest USA. Yotabites has all in-house staff expertise to design, implement and maintain Big Data solutions.

Yotabites Consulting is the first Certified Reseller in North America for RStudio. Yotabites provides consulting and professional services for the full gamut of RStudio products. Your projects will be delivered on time and on budget. Call us for details. Phone: 888-441-8629

RStudio’s Community Consultant and Training Directory

Our Certified Partner program addresses a pressing need for service providers with deep knowledge of RStudio products, but we recognize a broader need for a community of professional services around R, not necessarily affiliated with RStudio. To accommodate this, we’ve created the Community Consultant and Trainer Directory at Community.RStudio.com/consultants.

If you would like to be listed on the RStudio Community Consultant and Trainer Directory, please follow these instructions.