Advocate for data science at your organization.

We’ve gathered knowledge and resources from others who have done this before and would love to share it with you! This is an evolving resource - let us know what's worked well for you or what you'd like to see.

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Building a business case

We know that getting to use the tools you want sometimes needs a little convincing. While every organization is different, we’ve shared a few lessons learned and steps from people who have been through this before.

  • Start off by doing things with free and open-source locally.
  • Find a business need that you can solve better. People tend to come along for the ride when you’re interested in helping solve their problems.
  • Make a slide deck for your manager that includes the current state diagram of how you do analytics and how people consume them. Then show what you could do if you had some set of data science tools and include literal examples of that.
  • While you're helping people solve business problems, you’re also building examples you can include in your next presentation.
    1. Look, this is why we should do this.
    2. I have been doing it.
    3. Here's the feedback from that.
    4. Here's the solution to make this a real thing - instead of something just living on my laptop.
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Growing your data science community

We’ve met so many amazing community leaders. Whether you are leading a data science meetup in your own neighborhood or organizing a group within your company, you help bring people together to learn new things, share experiences, and ensure that we all feel a part of this awesome community.

If you’re thinking about getting started - we’ve included a few resources and tips from others.

  • Consistency can be key to growing the group. Start small and find a core group of people to meet monthly.
  • Use LinkedIn to see who in your area or at your company may also be using data science. For example, who is also part of the “Python Developers Community” or “The R Project for Statistical Computing” groups?
  • Try scheduling a Lunch & Learn session. Tell people to invite their friends. When you get people together you can share what you're all working on.
  • Build a blog to share events and past sessions with people interested in joining.
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Working with IT

Who exactly will manage data science tools varies by organization. Often they are part of the internal DevOps or hosting team. Some large organizations have roles specific to managing data science and analytics tools, or to managing Linux servers specifically. We’re happy to help you start the conversations with these teams.

  • Who should I reach out to?
  • How do I phrase what they will need to do?
  • How do I talk about open-source technologies?
  • Is it secure? Do we need to do a security review?
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