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Data literacy is a tool to build understanding- of the world and ourselves. Data, AI and tech are sometimes portrayed as scary and unknowable; however, data can be for everyone. Data, and decisions based off data, have enormous implications in our daily lives. We (data practitioners) likely have some baseline understanding of numbers and how to read a chart. But others, whether our friends, family members or coworkers, might not have the same level of understanding.

This talk will address how to talk to these seemingly "non-data" people, the benefits of talking data with them, and (hopefully) encourage more curiosity and wonder at the creativity of data. We will also briefly cover what data literacy is and why we ought to care about it.

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10:30 AM to 10:50 AM

Cherry Blossom

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Caro Buck

Wunderman Thompson

I’m Caro, short for Caroline! I’m a curious and creative human, with a passion for data of all sorts. I love wrangling unconventional data, or using a visualization to build understanding and promote data literacy. I have worked on a wide variety of client projects, from AI- generated graffiti and time series modeling to advanced analytics and data visualization. I thrive in environments where data, curiosity, creativity and rabbit holes are encouraged. In my spare time, you’ll probably find me outside: either biking fast, playing Spikeball or wandering the neighborhood listening to a podcast.