Session Summary:

With the Dutch Mortgage Portfolio Management Group we built a client portal for their customers wanting insights into their mortgage investment portfolio. This was done with a Shiny app that runs in Azure App Service, with plumber APIs serving portfolio reports, and embedded power bi reports with clear and easy to maintain dashboards.

Last year we saw a lot of great content on how to combine Tableau with Rstudio Connect, in this talk we have answers for the Power BI users. An interesting example of combining self-service BI with serious data science.

When Microsoft itself mentions "we did not know how to do this, you know you have an interesting topic for rstudio::conf.

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11:40 AM to 12:00 PM

Potomac C

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Thomas Wouters profile pic

Thomas Wouters

AXI Full Service RStudio Partner

Thomas Wouters is a young man who is recently graduated in Applied Computer Science. First started as a Business Analyst but quickly moved to a more sales-oriented position. Because of his enormous affinity with data & analytics, this fits perfectly in the search for customers to solve their problems in the field of data analytics. He will highlight the topic on how to embed Power BI in Rstudio.

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Joran De Wilde

AXI Full Service RStudio Partner

Joran is a 24 year old man who recently graduated as Master of ICT Engineering. He currently works as a consultant data scientist. In this role he developped multiple shiny applications for a broad scala of different industries, ranging from the public sector to the retail or finance sector. He will highlight the topic on how to embed Power BI in Rstudio.