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Have you ever had so much fun building a data visualization that it felt like a thrill ride? What if your dataviz actually WAS a thrill ride—a 3D virtual reality rollercoaster through your dataset? In this talk, I’ll show you how to create incredibly engaging and informative 3D visualizations in R, and demonstrate what makes a good 3D dataviz. Using the rayrender package, you’ll see how you can interactively fly through 3D scenes in real-time, without ever leaving RStudio. Learn how you can use code to create 3D structures, plot data, and even make generative art: visualizing everything from the smallest molecule to the vast reaches of space, in only a few lines of code.

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03:40 PM to 04:00 PM

Cherry Blossom

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Tyler Morgan-Wall

Institute for Defense Analyses

Dr. Tyler Morgan-Wall is the developer of the rayverse: a collection of packages that includes the mapping and data visualization package rayshader, the high-quality 3D rendering package rayrender, and several other packages. He is also the developer of the experimental design and Monte Carlo power analysis package skpr. Tyler has a PhD in Physics from Johns Hopkins University and lives and works in the DC area at the Institute for Defense Analyses.