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Even when we run the simplest of R scripts, we are using dozens of R packages. We use packages for data cleaning, writing reports, graphics and modelling. One of the strengths of R, is the depth of packages.

Unfortunately, packages change and break our code. Not all R packages have NEWS file, and even those that do, it might not be complete.

The diffify service aims to make comparing between package versions easier. For example, is there a new Import? Or perhaps a package has been removed from Suggests? Maybe the arguments of a function have changed? Or a function is no longer exported. Diffify can help.

NB: We have completed the back-end infrastructure, and are currently working on the front-end. Expected launch: ~May 1st

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11:30 AM to 11:35 AM

Potomac D

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Colin Gillespie

Jumping Rivers

Colin has been using R since 1999. He's the author of a number of R packages, the co-founder of Jumping Rivers and has published the book Efficient R Programming with O'Reilly.