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Demystifying the Art of creating custom Libraries for your organization. Imagine a world where a company has its own R library, this stores the most common functions an analytical team uses. From connecting to the Database to reading in SQL from a SQL file to creating custom graphs that only take in a few inputs. In today's world, we find that code is siloed on many Analyst machines. Even though the same code is being used over and over again by the same person or multiple people carry on with this architecture. We scramble to figure out where we save that nice code chunk so that we can use it on another package. Instead, we can all leverage creating our own libraries that store and document the cool features we've created.

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01:50 PM to 02:10 PM

National Harbor 10+11

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Dan Caley

Custom Ink

Dan Caley is a Senior Data Analyst at Custom Ink covering descriptive, inferential, and predictive analytics. He has over 10 years experience in analytics, finding value in data for traditional finance companies like Freddie Mac and in the crypto space for Ethos and Huddl. Once at Custom Ink, Dan realized how much time he lost by not packaging his code, time that could have been spent hiking with his dog Helmet, so he developed libraries flexible enough to tackle an array of projects. Now, Dan wants to share how to build flexible libraries with you, so you have time to go hiking with Helmet too.