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Are you a bilingual data scientist who wants to use Python in RStudio products? Or do you have colleagues who use Python for data science? In this talk, we will present an end to end data science use case including automated jobs, model training and monitoring, APIs, and interactive dashboards, entirely built and deployed in Python with RStudio Pro products.

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11:10 AM to 11:30 AM

Potomac C

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Gagandeep Singh


Gagandeep works as a Solutions Engineer with RStudio. He is a former software engineer and data scientist who has worked in a variety of cross-technology teams. Before joining RStudio, he was consulting with fortune 500 companies to build their analytical capacities. Outside of work you can find him at a local bookstore or exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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Xu Fei


Xu Fei is a solutions engineer at RStudio where he helps bilingual data science teams work better with RStudio commercial products. He has experience in Python data science and reproducibility tools.